Replacement Car

Did you have an accident?

Under the new legislation, if you have been damaged in a road accident, you are entitled to a replacement car for the entire repair period at the expense of the guilty party insurer. ~ Article 25 of Norm 20/2017 ~ Our company is not what you would consider to be a conventional car rental company. Our service is explicitly intended to provide replacement vehicles for those unfortunate drivers who have suffered a car accident. If they were not guilty of accident, drivers may be eligible for a vehicle at no cost to them. The process consists of six simple steps, designed to be as fast as possible.


You have two simple ways to apply! You can call us directly at 0742 443 322 or fill out the online form on this site. If you submit the request online, you will receive an email from us that will contain the details needed to complete the process.


Once our team receives your application, obtaining approval is usually an extremely quick practice and can usually be done in minutes for the simplest


We deliver the replacement vehicle directly to the repair unit when you are scheduled to start the repair or, if the machine can not move by its own strength, we can ensure delivery at the customer’s home or workplace. Then we give you the rental documents to read and sign them.

For any kind of information you can find us at Iulius Mall, Str. Aristide Demetriade 1, CP. 300088, Timisoara